In the service of achieving the objectives of the National Brussels Griffon Club, this Code of Ethics is established as a model of behavior for the membership. It is our aim to provide guidelines that will facilitate responsible breeding and selling of Brussels Griffons, further conscientious and enlightened ownership of the breed, and foster cordial, mutually supportive relations between Club members and between the Club and the public with regards to the Brussels Griffon breed. Circumstances do arise that call for flexible, innovative behavior and matters of judgment. Therefore, in all questions of ethics, covered or not covered by this Code, the member shall act solely in the best interests of the breed, in good conscience and motivated by good intentions.
  1. A primary consideration in all breeding will be the improvement of the breed.

  2. If planning a breeding program, members will conscientiously strive to use the very best dogs (sires and dams), free from known physical and mental defects, including breed disqualifications. We recommend that breeding stock be screened using all applicable genetic testing and be certified free from hereditary eye defects, patella luxation and hip dysplasia.

  3. Owners of stud dogs will give thoughtful consideration and use discretion when accepting bitches for breeding, breeding their stud dogs only to quality bitches free from known hereditary defects, serious faults, and breed disqualifications. The owner of the sire is as responsible as the owner of the dam in all matters of the welfare of the offspring.

  4. No bitch shall be bred before her second season or before she is 18 months old nor shall she be bred after her eighth birthday.

  5. No member will sell a dog or supply stud service to a pet shop, broker, any person buying the dog for resale, any person having a USDA number or to any known volume breeder. No member shall have a USDA number.

  6. No member will malign competitors or fellow Club members by making libelous, slanderous or malicious statements regarding another's dog(s). All actions in regard to the dogs, fellow members and the general public must consider the best interests of the breed.

  7. No member will make statements about his/her dog(s) which are false or misleading nor will he/she misrepresent stock to prospective buyers.

  8. The seller will put all guarantees in writing. The seller will provide the buyer with printed instructions concerning the care of the dog including vaccination records and all pertinent facts concerning the dog. The seller will provide the buyer and a copy of the Code of Ethics.

  9. Each puppy will be at least twelve weeks old before it is sold or released to a new home and will have had proper inoculations for his/her age.

  10. The seller will furnish the buyer with a three generation pedigree and American Kennel Club registration application or certificate unless there is a written agreement stating the buyer is not to receive papers.

  11. Each member will be responsible for the welfare of every dog he/she breeds, sells or places. This means following up on each dog to be sure the new owners are happy with the dog, and the dog has adjusted well to the new home. This also means having an understanding with the new owner that any time in the future the owner is unable to keep the dog, the owner is to contact the seller and the seller will have the responsibility to either take the dog back or find it a new home.

  12. Each member owning a Brussels Griffon pledges to provide lifelong quality care for their animal(s), to give proper immunizations as recommended by their veterinarian, to carry out all terms of contracts signed by breeders, and, if one cannot keep a dog, return it to the breeder. If this is not possible, then the dog shall be neutered/spayed and placed in a loving home.

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